Ostrava-Poruba has six new sundials

Ostrava-Poruba has new sundials in six different locations. Called the Poruba Solar Trail, the project was supported from “Fine Space”, a subsidy program to improve the appearance of public space.

According to the project’s author, the sundials connect two important phenomena of today: measuring the time which is so essential for our society, and returning to natural resources – using the sun and the shadow. Each sundial uses a different imaging mechanism, so it’s a unique example of the different ways sun and shadow can be used for displaying time. Each of the sundials is also an artwork that improves the public space.

The trail is designed to inspire the public to take walks and discover and explore the various places in Poruba city district for outdoor activities and meeting people. All are easily accessible by foot and bicycle, with a pram and a wheelchair.

The sundials will also be used as teaching aids, for example, to illustrate issues in physics and geography. They can be found in the Havlíček Square, the Chateau Park, around the District Court, near the Pustkovec Pond by Pokorný Street, at the Valčík Primary School and in the Poruba Wood Park.

Three of these places are close to primary schools, two are near grammar schools, and three are near kindergartens.