A fun day with waste for the public

On Saturday, 22 September, from 9am to 4pm, OZO (the Ostrava Municipal Waste Company) will have the Open Door Day in its premises in Ostrava – Kunčice. The event is for everyone who wants to get acquainted with waste processing and everything related to it. 

In addition, a brochure on the philosophy of waste prevention and its re-use will be delivered to all Ostrava households before the open day. It will also include a questionnaire with several questions on waste management. Those who submit the questionnaire on the open day will receive a practical gift in the form of an original shopping bag. The bag will always be on hand to avoid having to buy disposable plastic bags which burden the environment.

In addition to a conventional guided tour of all sorting lines, OZO will also introduce a new fuel-producing line. This is not too common for waste companies, so the visitors will see something that is exceptional not only within the region but also in the Czech Republic.

Visitors will learn that is it necessary not only to separate waste so that it can best be recovered, but that the best thing is not to generate the waste in the first place. That’s why the all-day program will include an up-cycling market focusing on how to use old things and transform them into something completely new. There will also be various creative workshops where you can learn how to make a bag from an old t-shirt, vase from an old glass, and so on.

Children can ride a toy car made from a trash can, explore a garbage truck and also take home its small model, play a variety of waste management games, see how waste is handled, plant a flower in a soil substrate made from bio-waste, etc.

For more information on the open day program, visit www.ozoostrava.cz.