The website is the City of Ostrava’s official portal for environmental information. It is also the website for the City’s bid for the title European Green Capital 2020.

The website content is created by the Strategic Development Department at Ostrava City Authority (key information on various areas) and the Office of the Mayor (news) in conjunction with the Environmental Department.


Website editors:

Helena Pajurková (Strategic Development Department, Ostrava City Authority)

Petr Havránek (Office of the Mayor, Ostrava City Authority)


Events Calendar:

If you would like your event to be included in our Events Calendar, please contact the website editor Helena Pajurková. Events must be held within the city of Ostrava, and they must be thematically related to the content of the website .

Information about the event to be sent:

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Place
  • Address
  • Event website
  • Brief description of the event
  • Entry fee