The sixth planting in the Youth Park

The planting of trees on the occasion of the birth of children is very popular among the citizens of the city district Ostrava-Jih. The sixth planting took place on Wednesday, 24 October and saw another 68 trees planted. The choice was again from three tree species: European oak, wild cherry and European beech. Everyone who took part in the planting in Bělský Les received a commemorative certificate. Near the tree there is also a post with a sign indicating the tree’s species and to whom it is dedicated.

“The atmosphere at the event was again amazing, and I’m glad the weather was good, too. The first planting in 2016  involved 17 trees, today we planted 68 and also welcomed those interested in spring planting next year”, said František Staněk, deputy mayor of Ostrava-Jih, who has started this tradition with the aim of supporting family community and the relationship to nature and the place where we live.

The Ostrava-Jih City District Authority has from the beginning cooperated with the company Ostrava City Forests and Greenery. Next planting will take place in spring.