By bike or by car?

Ostrava strongly supports cycling, and the city boasts an extensive network of cycle routes  (250 km). Cycling has many environmental and personal advantages compared with car transport. A bike is a cheap and quick means of transport. It can take you everywhere, and it improves your physical fitness as well as your mental well-being and mood. Cycling is also much quieter than using a car, and it does not produce harmful emissions and greenhouse gases.

So why not try cycling to work, to the shop, for fun? It’ll benefit not only you, but the environment too!


Advantages of cycling

  • minimum operating/maintenance costs
  • zero costs of actual transport (vs. fuel in a car)
  • in city traffic a bike is often quicker than a car; if you are travelling less than 5 km, a bike is usually quicker, and in rush hour traffic even longer journeys will be quicker by bike
  • by cycling, you help to stop cars from parking in public spaces and green areas, and you reduce the need for parking spaces
  • bikes are good for the environment; they do not produce pollutants
  • cycling improves your mood – it helps to reduce mental stress as well as improving your physical fitness
  • cycling is good for all aspects of health
  • cycling brings people together
  • cycling offers great experiences to remember
  • cycling is for everybody – people of all ages (depending on physical health) can use bikes

The City of Ostrava is a local coordinator of this year’s national competition “Bike to Work”. So don’t delay – start pedalling today!