Public Awareness related to transport

Increasing the use of eco-friendly transport not only requires such transport to be a genuinely attractive option; it also requires appropriate promotion and education.

Travel Healthy

By car, by bike, by public transport, or on foot? Our choice of transport is up to us. But our daily transport decisions can have a big impact on our own (and other people’s) health, as well as on the quality of the air we breathe – and of course on our own finances too. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of transport that are available? Why travel by tram rather than by car? The ‘Travel Healthy’ project gives answers to these questions – and more.

Main project goals:

  • Increasing citizens’ awareness of alternative forms of transport that help to improve air quality – and quality of life – within Ostrava. This includes learning about new concepts and terms – such as Park/Bike&Ride (at the city’s transport terminals), carsharing and bikesharing, or transport telematics.
  • Promotion of non-motorized transport, motivating people to use public transport (especially electric vehicles such as trams) more often; this brings major environmental benefits.
  • Changing people’s behaviour and attitude towards the importance of environmental improvements – including the awareness that everybody can contribute to a better environment through their own actions and behaviour.

The website ‘Travel Healthy’ has become a popular tool promoting eco-friendly forms of transport (public transport, cycling, walking) and raising public awareness – including explanations of concepts such as Park/Bike&Ride (at transport terminals), car-/bike-sharing, and transport telematics. Other campaigns have promoted cycling to school and work.  All these tools raise public awareness of the importance of the environment and emphasize that individuals’ own transport and lifestyle choices make a real difference.


ODIS bus

Another promotional tool is a campaign ´ODIS bus´ targeted at schoolchildren, which emphasizes the social importance and environmental benefits of public transport use.