Collaboration with NGOs

In 2009–2011 a programme was implemented (by local towns and cities including Ostrava) to remove an invasive plant species (Reynoutria sp.) from the Odra valley; the programme also involved an NGO (the Czech Union for Nature Conservation ‘Salamandr’) and the PLA Poodří management. This EUSF-financed programme aimed to protect valuable ecosystems threatened by this invasive species. This was the largest area in the Czech Republic where Reynoutria sp. was removed.

Another NGO active at the PLA Poodří is the Czech Union for Nature Conservation ‘Studénka’, which has built a nature trail along a section of the floodplain; its main activity is landscape conservation by planting biocorridors/biocentres and installing interactive features. These activities were launched over a decade ago. During that time, the NGO has planted thousands of trees and recultivated dump sites covering several hectares, as well as maintaining greenery. The NGO has recently installed information panels along the nature trail in Proskovice.

Another NGO active in Ostrava is the Czech Union for Nature Conservation ‘Alces’, which (with support from the City) is involved in various nature conservation activities including maintenance of protected sites, valuable locations and elements in Ostrava’s Territorial Ecostability System. The NGO also organizes public educational events and campaigns (including cleaning-up events, bird festivals, events for Earth Day, etc.) as well as maintaining the nature trail at the NR Rezavka.

The NGO ‘Arnika’ also works closely alongside the City in planning the replacement and reconstruction of urban green areas.

The City has recently begun to incorporate public meetings and discussions into the decision-making process for all major changes to urban green areas. Projects are modified to take into account suggestions from local people and NGOs (e.g. the felling of superannuated trees in the Ostrava-Poruba urban heritage zone and the Komenského Sady park, etc.).