1800 more boilers can still be financed

1800 more boilers can still be financed via the Region’s boiler subsidies programme
8. January 2018

The Moravian-Silesian Region still has at its disposal around 190 million CZK to fund household boiler replacements (swapping out old boilers for new, eco-friendly units)…. Read »

City Changers met in Ostrava

6. December 2017

Together with winter weather comes the period when Ostrava, as well as other bigger cities, is beginning to worry about smog situations. Therefore, the City… Read »

Interest in replacing boilers lasts

23. November 2017

House-owners in Ostrava have submitted a total 527 applications for subsidies to fund the installation of new boilers since the second call for applications was… Read »

Boilers are changed most by Ostrava’s inhabitants

27. October 2017

Ostrava’s inhabitants submitted the most applications for boiler subsidies from all towns in the Moravian-Silesian Region – a total of 451 total up to 25… Read »