Citizens of Poruba want a forest park and a tram line

The citizens of Poruba wish to preserve the Myslivna Forest Park as a rest zone and to have a new tram line to the Poruba’s 8th District. This was confirmed by the Poruba’s Ten Priorities 2018 survey, in which 1,212 people cast valid votes.

The results show that Myslivna should continue to be a rest zone, but the forest park should be fitted with amenities for children. This project won the most votes in the survey and ranked second in a public forum that took place on March 27.

The project to build a modern tram line gained the second highest number of votes in the survey, and even placed first in the public forum. The line should start at Slovan, pass around Duha and finish at the Globus shopping centre.

A distant third place went to the creation of a network of bicycle paths and in-line paths with a high-quality surface, with prevention of excessive tree felling placing fourth.

This way, the citizens of Poruba participated in the strategic plan “fajnOVa Poruba”, which builds on the strategic projects of the City and complements them to include local Poruba projects. The district of Poruba therefore invites citizens to participate in the project, organizes public forums, opinion surveys, and establishes expert working groups. Specific projects are created on the basis of cooperation with the public, in public discussions, questionnaire surveys or voting on priorities. In addition to the Poruba Ten Priorities 2018 survey, the first visible steps are modification of the underpass by the former Dukla cinema and its transformation into the Dukla Gallery, or the Sdílko pop-up shop at Aleš Square, presenting regional salesmen, manufacturers and designers between 10th and 31st May, as well as an exhibition mapping the transformation of the Poruba public space.  The district of Poruba also prepares the transformation of the Duha transport hub to a pleasant local square, where it would be nice to walk and spend time.