The right bank of the Ostravice River is gradually turning into a pleasant and cultivated place.

The footpath above the river by the Miloš Sýkora Bridge will now become accessible for wheelchairs. The city will also build a viewing platform and stepped terraces with a staircase.

“The slope by the memorial has been cleaned, the experts cut the trees and greenery was supplemented by newly planted deciduous and coniferous trees, shrubs, perennials, good lawn and other plants. The nearby boathouse offers comprehensive facilities for paddlers. The waterfront also offers a workout course and interesting street furniture”, said Kateřina Šebestová, Deputy Mayor for the Environment.

A wheelchair-accessible connection will be created by the Miloš Sýkora Bridge to allow mothers with prams or people in a wheelchair to get to the path above the river. The city will also build a viewing platform and stepped terraces with a staircase. The project will run from May to August this year.

New street furniture has already been placed on the Silesian bank of the river, consisting of benches and trash cans along the entire path, designer beds at selected locations, and picnic sets and a workout course by the boathouse building. The project also included the revitalization of greenery and the repair of the bridge pillar. It serves as a viewing platform and a resting place. Its use permit was approved in January this year and its repair included paving the boarding area and connecting it to the existing footpath / bike path using the original materials – granite blocks, as is the case with its counterpart on the Moravian side.

More than 150 deciduous and coniferous trees have been planted in this locality, new ornamental shrubs, perennials, ferns, grasses and bulbs have been added to flower beds. After the completion of the construction works, planting will continue as part of the construction of the terraced lookout by the Sýkora Bridge in the autumn of this year. In September, it will be followed by the reconstruction of the boating pier under the boathouse.

“Next spring, we will continue with the reconstruction of the Moravian bank, where we plan to build another suspension terrace, raise the riverside wall, separate the bike path from the footpath, and comprehensively renovate the surfaces and roads in the area for roughly CZK 53 million” , said Kateřina Šebestová.