The Ostrava City Strategic Development Plan 2017–2023

Sustainable mobility is the focus of Priority C (“A Healthy City”) of the Ostrava City Strategic Development Plan 2017–2023 (specifically Strategic Goal 6 – Creating a great environment for all generations).

The Strategic Development Plan includes the following measurable success indicators for mobility:

indicator 18: By 2025 Ostrava’s public transport system will have:

  • min. 60% zero-emission vehicles (currently 54%); min. 35% low-emission vehicles – EURO 6 (currently 17%); i.e. total 95% zero- or low-emission vehicles (currently 71%);
  • camera systems in min. 50% of vehicles (currently 12%);
  • min. 90% barrier-free vehicles (currently 67%)

indicator 19: Increased number of P+R parking spaces:

Four additional P+R sites are being built in Ostrava (the Globus shopping mall in Poruba, Přívoz, Lower Vítkovice, and a multi-storey parking garage near the City Hospital). A total of 500 spaces will be created at these sites by 2030 (at least 200 spaces by 2023).