Healthy Air Day in Ostrava-Poruba

On 26 April 2018 an event called Healthy Air Day will be taking place as part of the international AIR TRITIA project, which focuses on improving air quality in the border regions of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Visitors will be able to find out how they personally can contribute to air quality improvements in our region. You can also look forward to an interactive show called ‘The Smokeman’: aimed at children and adults alike, the show gives information and guidance on how we can use household boilers, stoves and fireplaces correctly, cleanly and efficiently.

The Smokeman will show you how to maximize the efficiency of your own household combustion devices, and how to ensure that the cleanest possible smoke comes out of your chimney. He will also explain how boilers, stoves and fireplaces work, how to operate them correctly, and how to ensure that they are properly maintained.

There will also be a range of fun tasks for children, who can measure the levels of pollutants produced by burning household waste and compare it to the (many times cleaner) burning of dry wood. Other attractions will include an experiment in an aquarium demonstrating how layers of smog can form during the winter months: children will also learn how to create a similar inversion effect at home, using simple and safe ingredients (kitchen salt, water and food colouring). Kids will also be able to measure the temperature of a flame using thermal cameras – as well as learning how to start a fire using a tinderbox. All the experiments and activities will be presented in a fun, interactive way – giving children a real hands-on experience of these vital topics.

We meet at Hlavní třída street in Ostrava-Poruba; from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

The AIR TRITIA project (CE1101) is funded via the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE mechanism, which supports cooperative solutions of shared problems among Central European countries.