Hranečník terminal

Another terminal that has significantly improved Ostrava’s integrated transport system is the recently completed Hranečník terminal (in the eastern part of the city).

The project was implemented at a site in the north-eastern part of Slezská Ostrava, close to the former Zárubek and Jan Maria coal mines in the vicinity of the former tram loop at Hranečník. The first phase of the project involved rectifying damage caused by previous coal mining (ground subsidence). The existing transport links made the site an ideal location for a new transport passenger interchange facility – the Hranečník terminal.

The terminal serves users of private cars and public transport from the Karviná and Havířov areas, giving easy access to eco-friendly tram and trolleybus services into Ostrava city centre. The city and regional public transport stops – previously located at various points on the site – are now grouped together at a single location, making it easier for passengers to change between different buses/trams and reducing transfer times.

The terminal has roofed waiting areas (shelters) and pedestrian walkways, plus WC facilities. Passengers can use the live information panels at each stop, which give up-to-date details on the next departures of individual services. There is also a public address system (loudspeakers) and a camera system to monitor the terminal. As part of this project, in 2015 a trolleybus line was extended to the terminal, linking it with the city centre. The project was co-financed by the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme and EUSF.

Implementation/completion: 2014/2016