IT4Innovations – a partner in the TETRAMAX project

TETRAMAX: supporting innovative solutions in low-energy computing

TETRAMAX is a new project which supports innovation by financing experiments in various types of technology transfer between research institutions and SMEs. We are now standing on the threshold of a new era of innovation which will transform all industries through digitalization. Europe can boost its competitiveness in the global economy by investing in innovation-focused projects such as TETRAMAX, which provides custom-made solutions in low-energy computing technologies. The project is funded via the European framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

Why invest in experiments for technology transfer?

Technology transfer experiments are an easily accessible service enabling European SMEs to work closely with research institutions. The researchers provide new technologies which can be applied by the companies. The symbiotic relationship between the companies and the research institutions supports the development of sophisticated modern industrial technology, new business models, and targeted research – which ultimately will lead to increases in productivity and added value in European industry.

Customized solutions in low-energy computing

The TETRAMAX project provides access to the latest technologies and services in the field of low-energy computing. Investment in this area will have a major impact on efficiency, productivity and energy savings in industry. TETRAMAX offers both SMEs and research institutions funding to support experiments with these new technologies, minimizing the financial risk of the necessary investments.

Financing technologies for SMEs

The four-year TETRAMAX project will include a number of separate calls, enabling participants to access funding for technology transfer experiments.

About the TETRAMAX project

TETRAMAX focuses on custom-made solutions in low-energy computing as part of the European initiative “Smart Anything Everywhere” (SAE). The total project budget is 7 million EUR, and its chief coordinator is Professor Rainer Leupers from the RWTH University in Aachen, Germany. The project involves 22 European partners – including the Czech National Supercomputing Centre IT4Innovations, based in Ostrava. TETRAMAX was launched in September 2017 and will last for four years (until August 2021).

For more information see the project website

TETRAMAX is funded via the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.