Measures related to greenery

The aim of these measures is to reduce air pollution by revitalizing landscape structures (planting trees and copses) and supporting regeneration of the urbanized landscape (creation and revitalization of green areas, revitalization of parks, rows of trees, cemeteries, planting of tree avenues, revitalization of grassy areas, etc.). An important measure within this category is the creation of ‘green screens’ (greenery shielding residential areas from transport infrastructure or industrial sites). The City spends a total 3,7 million EUR per year on maintenance of all public greenery. See  also “Nature and Biodiversity Topic“.

Key projects in the category of new greenery plantings include the revitalization projects at the Benátky Forest Park and the Pustkovec valley, but there are also numerous other projects involving the creation of new greenery as a means of reducing air pollution.