New boilers will help make Ostrava’s air cleaner

A total of 699 applications have been received from households in Ostrava as part of the second phase in a programme subsidizing the replacement of old domestic boilers with new, eco-friendly technologies. Thanks to the new boilers, around 110 tonnes less dust will be released into the air every year! This follows on from the first phase of the programme, in which 423 boilers were replaced. In total, the programme has helped to fund a total 1122 new energy-efficient boilers – which is great news not only for the householders, but also for Ostrava’s environment.

An old boiler produces up to 100 kg of dust per year. Deputy Mayor Kateřina Šebestová, who is responsible for environmental issues, gave more details:

“A simple calculation shows us that after all the boilers covered by the programme have been replaced, there will be a reduction of more than 110 tonnes in dust emissions. Thanks to the programme, around 60 percent of Ostrava’s old, inefficient household boilers will be replaced. We are delighted that homeowners have responded to the programme in such large numbers, and that they are keen to contribute towards a cleaner environment for all citizens. The programme has been a resounding success.”

The City of Ostrava contributes up to 10 000 CZK towards the cost of each new boiler; all applicants were offered an interest-free loan to cover the remaining cost. As part of the programme, an information point was set up at the City Hall building on Sokolská Street. Citizens were also informed about the second phase of the programme via a campaign including leaflets distributed to all individual houses within the city limits, public meetings in the various municipal districts, posters in public transport vehicles, and other events – including free “boiler coffee”. A promotional video released on social media proved a particularly effective promotional tool. 15 applicants have taken up the City’s offer of an interest-free loan (with a total value of 1.73 million CZK).

As part of the second phase of the programme, the City is providing around 7 million CZK in non-repayable subsidies (i.e. the 10 000 CZK contributions towards the cost of the new boilers).