Since April 2019, Ostrava citizens can order some of the paid OZO services via a new on-line shop

OZO Ostrava, city waste management company, has recently launched an electronic system for ordering selected services for citizens. This way, people can order the delivery of large-volume containers, draining of cesspools and septic tanks, or the delivery of compost and substrate produced at the OZO composting plant. The residents of Ostrava can also order mobile collection of bulky waste from their place of residence.


It is possible to first calculate the price of all the aforementioned services and only then continue to make a binding order and pay on-line with a card. Ordering services through the OZO on-line shop saves time significantly, eliminates the need to visit the company in person when concluding a contract and paying for the service. In addition, citizens can place an order at any time of the day, regardless of opening hours. The OZO on-line shop has already been tested by several customers in April. Most often they ordered a large-volume container for the disposal of bulky or construction waste.

Source: OZO Ostrava press release