Ostrava Plans a New Promenade next to the river

The area around two new university buildings to be built behind Antonín Dvořák Theater will become more beautiful. The road that separates the future university campus from the left bank of the Ostravice River will undergo fundamental changes.

Now used only for road traffic, it will also become a pedestrian zone and connect the sports and recreational area of the University of Ostrava with activities along the river.

The design proposes widening of the road, including a cycling route and a pedestrian walkway, as well as places to sit, stop and enjoy the beauty and natural character of the Ostravice River. It will be a place to relax, as well as do sports.

The City is now working on the procurement of the project documentation. The project completion is scheduled for 2021, when the new faculties of the University of Ostrava will be opened.