Taking Advantage of the Ostravice, Odra and Opava Rivers for Sports Boating

The city of Ostrava is currently preparing an investment plan for the use of Ostravice, Odra and Opava rivers for sports (without motor) boating. The company AQUATIS a.s. is preparing the investment plan and it should be ready in June 2018.

Project Goals:

  • Make it possible to fluently and safely navigate the Opava River from Lake Hlučín with a connection to Odra all the way to the Polish border, which will enable those interested to rent a boat on Lake Hlučín and return it in an attractive location in Landek.
  • Make the Odra River navigable from Polanka nad Odrou all the way to Bohumín with a chance to continue to Poland
  • Build a slalom canal for international races on Lake Hlučín in order to provide good quality background for training and race organization (with a possibility of being rented to the public), which is completely missing in the Moravian-Silesian Region.
  • Remove migration barriers for aquatic animals
  • Increase tourism in the location by means of one-day or two-day (even more days if it continues to Poland) navigation with the possibility of related services (rental of boats, bicycles, roller blades, refreshments, etc.)

Making the rivers navigable was divided into two successive stages depending on expected capital expenditure and urgency of implementation:


Stage I

  • Embarkation and disembarkation points for boating people
  • Boulder chutes
  • Securing of weirs and riverbed drops
  • Camping sites

Anticipated capital expenditure: CZK 42.8 mil.

Stage II

  • Combined fishway structures and sports sluices
  • Man-made canal in a location by Lake Hlučín, recreational use of Vrbice lakes

Anticipated capital expenditure: CZK 161.8 mil.