Ostrava started intensive road cleaning again

Thanks to good weather, Ostrava started intensive cleaning of roads in the whole city earlier than usual this year. It will continue to do so until the next winter. So far, 150 tons of material have been collected from municipal, as well as regional and State roads. Last year, it totalled 3.5 thousand tonnes. Ostravské komunikace, a municipal company, cleans not only municipal roads but also roads administered by the region and State. Cleaning is also much more frequent than the twice-a-year cleaning prescribed by law. The roads are divided into three categories according to dust maps, with the corresponding cleaning frequency – two to six times a month by a dust-collecting vehicle and one to three times a month by a street flusher.

“We believe that no other large Czech city cleans their roads more intensively than us. The aim is to reduce secondary dust pollution and improvement in air quality”, Mayor Tomáš Macura told ČTK. Last year, the city paid more than CZK 20 million for the “above-the-limit” cleaning of municipal, regional and state roads, of which CZK 14 million was spent on cleaning of regional and state roads.  “The last year’s costs were borne by the city, but after last year’s negotiations with the Ministry of the Environment, we expect a special program to be launched by the ministry this year, which we would use to partially finance the cleaning costs”, said Mayor Macura.