Ostrava’s Small World of Technology re-opens

After being closed for a month to carry out renovation work, the Small World of Technology at Ostrava’s Lower Vítkovice complex has now re-opened to the public.

The centre is regularly closed during January, as Lower Vítkovice press officer Pavlína Copková explained:

“We used the closure to carry out maintenance and running repairs, and to make improvements to 118 exhibits. Now visitors can enjoy renovated and improved versions of the popular human-powered crane, the Nautilus submarine, the acoustic tunnel, or a musical instrument made out of pressurized bottles.”

A team of six technicians worked on the repairs and improvements. Director Jakub Švrček gave more details:

“The aim was to ensure that all the exhibitions are now in perfect condition. We have also refreshed their appearance, and improved their functionality and durability.”

The re-opening (held over an entire weekend) included a special new accompanying programme featuring the centre’s popular animators. Visitors travelled back in time to 1828 and had the opportunity to meet some famous scientists and investors – as well as the legendary sci-fi writer Jules Verne. Pavlína Copková added:

“The exhibition guide is a mad professor – and all the visitors who complete the tasks he gives them get a great prize at the end of the tour.”

The Small World of Technology is situated in a historic former power plant control centre at the Lower Vítkovice complex. It was opened in 2012 as an interactive science and technology centre presenting the fascinating world of inventions – from the steam engine to spaceships – in an informative but hugely fun and entertaining way.

The central theme of the exhibition is the work of the great sci-fi writer Jules Verne. Guided by characters from Verne’s novels, visitors learn about some of the inventions that have revolutionized industry and brought great leaps forward in technological progress. The Small World of Technology also hosts educational programmes for schools and leisure activities for the general public.