A new park was created next to the Polyclinic in Ostrava-Hrabůvka. The park provides a pleasant space for relaxation including an attractive water feature, and it serves all age groups.

The park is situated between the Polyclinic and a newly revitalized part of the Hrabůvka housing estate (near the Savarín shopping centre), where a new children’s play area has been created. It features perennials, meadow grasses and new park furniture. The water feature – a pond biotope – has been designed to maximize safety in case of accidental entry into the water, with minimal depths on all sides. The water surface is transition into a wooden platform with organically-shaped white concrete steps. Behind these steps there is landscaped terrain with large trees screening the park from the adjacent buildings. On the other side of the pond is a curving wooden walkway leading to a semicircular relaxation area. The pond functions as a self-cleaning biotope, and its water treatment system is supplemented by plants around the waterline.

The relaxation zone features timber decking and a concrete seating wall, as well as landscaped terrain and greenery to screen the area from its surroundings. The land around the pond is planted with perennials and low flowering shrubs. The structure of the park is defined by new plantings of shrubs and trees. New public lighting and walkways were installed.

The park is compatible and consistent with the architectural solutions applied in the revitalization project at the adjacent part of the housing estate, covering an area from the shopping centre on Horní Street to the tax office building and along the length of Dr. Martínka Street as far as the Church of Our Lady.

The project has been designed by Ivan Tachezy, and the documentation was produced by Pavel Šimek from the Florart studio. The budget is 17.8 million CZK including VAT. The revitalization work begun in 2023 and were completed in April 2024.


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