Public Awareness - the Ostrava Water and Sewerage Company

A key priority for the Ostrava Water and Sewerage Company (OVAK) is also to raise public environmental awareness through education and promotion, so it organizes a range of educational events as part of World Water Day and Earth Day. During 2016 the company organized 30 public tours of its facilities and infrastructure and created a unique new exhibition on the history of water management in Ostrava. The company’s motto is “We live water – We live Ostrava”.

An example of such a programme is the ‘Free Water Zone’ concept, which encourages people to drink tap water. The concept has two components: the Water Bar and the “Water Gate” (an inflatable gate which produces a fine spray of water mist for refreshment on hot day). Tap water is often not available at many events, but the unique Water Bar solves this problem with a direct linkup to the drinking water mains providing pure, fresh water at an ideal temperature (7-10 °C). The Water Bar has become very popular among organizers of cultural events or happenings, and its popularity continues to grow.

The company will also develop its range of environmental education activities, encouraging people to use natural resources responsibly and sustainably (in line with the company’s slogan “Professional with respect to nature”). This includes the production of educational materials (board games presenting the water cycle and other aspects of water) and the organization of various events (the children’s competition “Find the source” and other activities, mainly for World Water Day).