The system of payment

The attractiveness of public transport depends on the accessibility, safety, reliability and quality of the system; an important contribution in this regard is the simple and easy system of payment. Besides standard single-journey or time-valid tickets, all of Ostrava’s public transport vehicles accept standard contactless bank cards. This makes it considerably easier for passengers to use the system, and it has boosted the number of users (including visitors to Ostrava).

Ostrava was only the second European city (after London) to introduce an electronic passenger payment system of this type, ranking it among Europe’s top cities in using modern electronic systems. The passenger payment technology does not exist in isolation; it is part of the Smart City system. The popularity of contactless card payments is growing rapidly; the number of users doubled in the second year of the system’s implementation, and card payments now account for approx. 20% of all journeys sold.

Another tool for making public transport more attractive is the use of modern technologies to increase passenger comfort – such as the ongoing programme to provide wi-fi connections at public transport stops.