Project of the Ostrava Water and Sewerage Company (OVAK)  which enables remote monitoring of water consumption. The number of customers using this system is set to grow to 8000 by 2019; now it is 4000. In the longer term, smart meters may be installed at all metering points (32 000 in the city). Smart metering offers several practical benefits. It provides access to data on water consumption (current levels and history) via an internet portal; this alerts users to abnormal consumption levels, helping to detect leaks and minimize damage and costs. The system collects data via transmitters located on the meters, which are sent as an encrypted signal at radio frequency 169 MHz and then via GPRS to the server where the data are processed. Users and the service provider have access to the data, and can select various display formats via the user interface. The system can alert users to abnormalities by sending an e-mail or SMS message.