The Northern Link Road

The City is currently preparing the completion of this important new road linking the city centre with the residential area of Poruba; it will alleviate traffic congestion along the current road corridor between these points. Diverting traffic away from residential areas will not only reduce residents’ exposure to traffic noise; the reduction in traffic volumes will also reduce exposure to pollutants (and CO2).

The first section of the Northern Link Road connects Marianskohorska Rd. with the roundabout at the D1 motorway junction; it also functions as a motorway access road. The total length of the second section will be 4.17 km, with costs estimated at almost 53,8 million EUR. Work is currently underway on an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); documentation is being prepared and a public tender for the contractor is also at the preparatory stage.

Construction is scheduled for 2019–2020