The City Authority team is a traditional participant in the event Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic

This year, they cleaned the surroundings of the Hulváky shooting range.

On Saturday, April 6, a team of municipal employees led by Mayor Tomáš Macura and Deputy Mayors Zuzana Bajgarová and Kateřina Šebestová cleaned the surroundings of the Hulváky shooting range. The public also joined the team. In less than three hours, about thirty volunteers filled one hundred sacks of garbage lying around. The bags with waste as well as some larger pieces ended up in a container provided by OZO.

The team members found pet bottles, glass bottles, chopped cables, computer parts, tires, all sorts of packaging, mouldy mattresses, fabric remnants, old shoes, painting supplies, paint cans and even broken puppets or preserved china in the woods, grass and ruins behind the shooting range.

In the end, OZO weighed the full container. The waste weighed 1,300 kilograms.

The City Authority team, which is also open to the public, cleaned up the wood in Výškovice two years ago and last year they cleaned the space behind the Antonín Dvořák Theater and the Miniuni area.