Waste processing and recovery in Ostrava

Ostrava has achieved significant reductions in its production of unsorted (mixed) municipal waste, including household waste, especially due to systematic public education campaigns which have resulted in an increase in waste sorting for recycling purposes. Material recycling and energy production from waste more than doubled between 2010 and 2015.

Type of waste Processing Recovery
Mixed household waste Stored at a secure landfill site Used to produce electricity for the landfill site (via landfill gas collection system)
Biodegradable waste Waste from gardens and public green areas is processed at Ostrava’s composting plant Compost and substrate can be used to improve substrate quality
Paper Sorted to remove unwanted materials Used to produce recycled paper
Glass Sorted into clear and coloured glass Sold to glassworks to be recycled
Plastics Sorted by type and colour Most plastics are recycled; if this is not possible, they are processed into fuel
Cartons and metal packaging Separated into plastics bins and then sorted along with the plastics Recycled
Hazardous waste Collected and stored until safely liquidated Liquidated in accordance with legislative requirements
Domestic construction waste Collected at recycling centres Used for earthworks at the landfill site
Outsized waste (large items) Outsized waste items are sorted Processed by OZO for use as fuel at cement works