Containers and recycling centres


Ostrava has a system of colour-coded recycling containers for the waste. The waste is collected in 70-1 100-litre containers. The City specifies the size and number of these containers, and decides on collection frequencies, on the basis of the number of inhabitants and the volume of waste.  The waste is collected by special vehicles which compress the waste, enabling fewer journeys to be made (and thus reducing environmental impacts). The waste is deposited at a landfill site in the city, managed by the Ostrava Waste Management Company (OZO). A comprehensive range of systems are in place to reduce the environmental impact of the waste stored at the site. These include a system of degasification vents connected to a gas processing station. The biogas is used to produce electricity; there are plans to use it to power the waste collection vehicles.

Recycling centres

Citizens of Ostrava can also use recycling centres (in Czech ‘Sběrný dvůr’) to dispose of outsized (large) items, hazardous waste, garden waste, and sorted household waste. Recycling centres also accept used electrical appliances. Citizens can deposit these items at any time during opening hours, and in any quantity that will fit into a trailer attached to a car (around 4 m3). Selected recycling centres also provide additional services (accepting construction waste, doors and windows, selling compost and substrate).

For a map of all the recycling centres in Ostrava, see the OZO website.