Waste Management Plan

Ostrava has achieved significant reductions in its production of unsorted (mixed) municipal waste, including household waste, especially due to systematic public education campaigns which have resulted in an increase in waste sorting for recycling purposes. Material recycling and energy production from waste more than doubled between 2010 and 2015. The City is taking a proactive approach to burdens caused by previous industrial activity, applying innovative technologies to solve these issues.

Goals, principles and measures set out in the City of Ostrava Waste Management Plan 2017–2021

  • By 2020, to increase to at least 50% the volume of separated waste for recovery and recycling – materials such as paper, plastics, metal and glass originating in households (or other sources).
  • To reduce the maximum volume of biodegradable household waste deposited as landfill so that in 2020 this volume accounts for no more than 35% of the total mass of all biodegradable household waste that was produced in 1995.
  • To reduce the percentage of biodegradable waste in mixed household waste.
  • To use mixed household waste for energy generation (after sorting out material for recycling, hazardous components and biodegradable waste).
  • To increase recycling of packaging waste to 70% by 2020.
  • To increase the total recovery of packaging waste to 80% by 2020.
  • To increase recycling of plastic packaging waste to 50% by 2020.
  • To increase recycling of metal packaging waste to 55% by 2020.
  • To recover 55% of all consumer packaging waste by 2020.
  • To recycle 50% of all consumer packaging waste by 2020.

Part of the current concept is to use municipal waste for energy generation (though national-level legislation needs to be clarified before this can be implemented). Examples include the planned mixed municipal waste sorting line which will serve Ostrava and nearby Havirov city (total 400 000 inhabitants); the larger catchment area will enable the plant to operate more efficiently than if it were to serve only Ostrava.