20 new Stadler trams runs in Ostrava

On 1 November, the Ostrava Transport Company put twenty modern Stadler nOVA trams into service. These low-floor trams can carry up to 188 passengers. 

The new Stadler trams have entirely low-floor design and are adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility. They have a chassis that allows quiet operation. The cars are air-conditioned, equipped with a camera system and USB ports. Of course, passengers can pay the fare with a payment card. The trams also boast reduced power consumption. Their design meets all EU safety standards. In addition, the tram face is shaped to enhance pedestrian protection in case of a collision. The capacity is 188 passengers, of which 61 are seats. The maximum speed is 80 km/h. Starting on 1 November, the Ostrava Transport Company has been deploying them on the busiest lines.

“By the end of the year, there should be another six trams and the remaining 14 will arrive in the first half of 2019. Together with other Škoda Transportation trams, which our transport company has tendered this year, we are going to have the youngest tram fleet in the Czech Republic”, said Daniel Morys, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ostrava Transport Company.

The Stadler nOVA trams will also replace the last two ČKD K2 trams still in operation. They have been used in Ostrava since 1967. The first articulated trams were commissioned in Ostrava in 1965, starting with ČKD K1 model with electropneumatic equipment. However, these prototypes were not very successful and in 1968 they were returned to the manufacturer. In February 1967, they were replaced by all-electric K2 models of similar design.