Former parish garden in the centre of Ostrava to be revitalized

The garden, where the city fortifications used to be in the past and whose remains are still visible, will undergo a total revitalization.

The higher section of the garden will be sunnier with a central grassy area and a children’s playground. The lower part will be used for an orchard with more shaded areas. Both parts will be connected by a terrace, located below a plane tree, which will offer additional possibilities of using the garden.

“Also this year we continue with the beautification of public space. We will revitalise the former parish garden in the city centre. We will remove unsightly paved surfaces and replace them with threshing, we will add greenery, street furniture and lighting. The terrace below the plane tree will offer not only a place to lie down in the shade of the tree, but also to organise smaller cultural events. But the main idea is the reminiscence of a fruit orchard, which was in this place in the nineteenth century”, said Deputy Mayor of Environment Kateřina Šebestová.

The terrace under the plane tree will be linked to the existing retaining walls and stairs, which will be reconstructed and fitted with a handrail.

“We have also been inspired by parks in other cities, such as Litomyšl, the monastery garden in Příbor and English or French mini parks with a low fence with gates in densely developed urban areas, which look beautiful. I think that this place of the former parish garden near the St. Wenceslas church deserves this”, said Deputy Kateřina Šebestová.

There will also be a lawn for picnics and rest or a drinking fountain on the children’s playground. The lower part will have ornamental apple trees (Malus ‘Evereste’). They bloom in the spring with large, fragrant white blossoms and later create about 3 cm of bright red apples that stay on the trees all winter and provide aesthetic effect as well as bird food.