Ostrava has the most modern CNG filling station in the Czech Republic

The largest and most modern filling station for CNG (compressed natural gas) in the Czech Republic was commissioned by the Ostrava Transport Company in Hranečník garages. This is another step towards the greening of public transport in the city. 

The Ostrava Transport Company has committed to phase out diesel buses by the end of 2020. It currently operates 284 buses, 118 of which are CNG. It will soon buy another 50 CNG-powered buses. It is already the second CNG filling station. The environmental impact will be immediate, as bus drivers will travel 500 kilometres a day less. This will greatly reduce dustiness in the streets. The filling station has a high capacity so that at the end of the year, one CNG pump will be placed outside the garage area to be used by third parties, such as the city police.

The filling station in the Hranečník garages is the most powerful CNG filling station in Central Europe and the largest station in the Czech Republic. Special ultra-performance 3,500-cubic metre compressors allow the filling of dozens of buses per hour. The station has six pumps. The planned capacity is 80 buses a day, but thanks to the high-performance pumps, the station could service up to 200 vehicles per day.

Source: https://www.dpo.cz/aktuality/3249-2018-10-04-tz-nova-plnicka-cng.html