Policemen got eco-friendly cars

The Mayor has handed over five Škoda Octavia Estate to the Ostrava Municipal Police. All cars have CNG drive. The greening of the municipal police fleet thus continues.

On May 30, five CNG-powered cars were handed over by Mr Tomáš Macura, the Mayor, to the policemen who will use these cars in their work.

“The greening of the municipal police fleet thus continues. We are gradually replacing all the cars. Our goal is for all municipal police to use only modern CNG-powered or electric cars”, said Mayor Tomáš Macura.

Alternative drives contribute to reducing airborne emissions from vehicles. The Ostrava Transport Company will even be the first in the Czech Republic to cease by 2020 the use of diesel buses, replacing them with CNG-powered vehicles. Part of the diesel buses will even be replaced by electric buses and battery-powered trolleybuses, so that they can be operated even on routes that do not have any trolley wires.