The City involves members of the public in urban development via a range of public debates, happenings, exhibitions, engagement activities and specific programmes.

The grant programme ‘Revitalization of Public Spaces in Ostrava’ aims to encourage the gradual revitalization and aesthetic improvement of public spaces that are currently non-functional or unaesthetic; the key principle is to involve members of the general public in the process of improving quality of life and creating public spaces. It was was published by the city in January. Sixteen project applications were submitted, out of which 11 succeeded and were financially supported.

One of these is the restoration of statues in the Milady Horákové orchard. These four, valued statues were sculpted during the International Symposium of Spatial Forms, held in Ostrava in 1967 and 1969. The city of Ostrava provided this project with 99,000 Czech koruna for the restoration.