The Smart City project

24. October 2017

The City of Ostrava is a member of a strategic partnership supporting the application of smart technologies in five thematic areas outlined within the Smart… Read »

Covenant of Mayors

24. October 2017

The City is also a member of the Covenant of Mayors and the ‘Mayors Adapt’ initiative. As part of this initiative, in 2013 Ostrava drew… Read »

Refill project

24. October 2017

As part of URBACT, Ostrava has become a partner in the REFILL project; its aim is to find temporary uses for vacant spaces (unused, abandoned,… Read »

Resolve project

24. October 2017

Ostrava is also involved in the international project ‘Resolve’, which brings together European cities (from countries including Sweden, the Netherlands and Slovenia) to share experience… Read »

Environmental management

23. October 2017

Environmental management is represented by Ostrava’s implementation of ISO 14000 standards at the City Authority building; this is directly connected with the City’s integrated management… Read »

Public involvement projects

23. October 2017

The City involves members of the public in urban development via a range of public debates, happenings, exhibitions, engagement activities and specific programmes. The grant… Read »

Participative budgets

23. October 2017

Three large municipal districts (Ostrava-Jih, Marianské Hory, Poruba) have introduced participative budgets, and there are plans to introduce a similar system at City level.

Healthy Cities programme

23. October 2017

For some time now the municipal district of Poruba has met the criteria for the international Healthy Cities programme and Local Agenda 21 (LA21); currently… Read »

The Air Tritia Project

18. October 2017

A single approach to air quality management in urban areas within the TRITIA region Currently, air quality improvements in areas severely affected by air pollution… Read »