Smart toilets in Ostrava-South

Intelligent city furniture has long been an integral part of a number of world cities. The Ostrava-South district now considers increasing the number of toilets and intends to use “smart toilets”. A smart toilet can be placed anywhere and use energy from the sun.

The citizens living in the South can decide in a poll where these toilets will be placed and what they will look like. Send your tips to:

 “The public toilets we have at the moment are popular, but there are not enough given the size of our district. And although other public toilets are soon to be built on Svornosti Street near the tramline loop in Bělský les and others are planned by the market on SNP Square, we were also looking at other options. We liked the solution of Prague 6, which started using “smart toilets”. Therefore, we approached the supplier and decided to soon try them on the crossroads in Zábřeh, opposite the Kotva commercial centre. If our citizens like it, we will get more”, said Mayor Martin Bednář.

A smart toilet can be placed virtually anywhere. It takes its energy from the sun. Because the toilet is on-line, the operators know when water needs to be refilled and when the toilet needs to be cleaned. Even the duration of presence is monitored, so there is no risk of misuse for other purposes. It is fitted with connectors to recharge phones from the inside as well as from the outside. The toilet fee is 10 CZK payable by an SMS and, from autumn, with a contactless payment card.