Web app for environmental monitoring

We present you another successful project of the pilot year of the Moravian-Silesian Region contest for the best smart solutions for the introduction of intelligent technologies which will bring a more comfortable life to people in the region, save time and money.

The telecommunications company ha-vel s.r.o. has submitted a project which will create a metropolitan network of smart sensors for environmental monitoring.

The company’s development team is devising a special web app which presents and explains a range of environmental data harvested from a total of 80 sensors throughout Ostrava. The sensors measure noise, temperature and humidity, and the results will help people make informed decisions on clothing, journey plans, and more.

The system works via a LoRa network, and the data will be viewable on a website.

Project manager Jan Damek gave more details:

Each user will be able to browse an interactive map to find the sensor that is closest to their home – or any location they’re interested in – helping them to plan their activities depending on the data.

The app will be available completely free of charge; users will simply need to register with their e-mail address. The service will be used not only by individual citizens, but also by various organizations, as Damek explained: “The data will be valuable for many companies – for example Ostrava’s public transport corporation. The app will help them to make decisions on infrastructure and fleet maintenance, and they will also be able to notify drivers of any sudden changes in weather conditions.”

The project is the result of an idea by ha-vel s.r.o. and the manufacturer of the sensors. The Region’s ‘Smart Solutions’ competition gave the impetus to develop the initial idea into a viable project.

Damek outlined the company’s plans:

In my opinion, this kind of system – operating on a LoRa network – is the future of telecommunications. Services like this are now expanding throughout the entire country.

The company plans to introduce its environmental data service into other cities, as well as creating a dedicated mobile app – though the system can also be easily accessed via web browsers on smartphones, as Damek explained:

That was really our main focus – creating an app that was as simple as possible to use. We wanted the web interface to be intuitive, enabling people to find the desired information with ease.

The service will be launched for the general public from 1 January 2018.

Resource/photos: http://www.patriotmagazin.cz/chytre-reseni-pro-moravskoslezsky-kraj-metropolitni-sit-senzoru/