For several months, Ostrava has been the scene of a public education campaign aiming to raise both citizens’ and visitors’ awareness of the options for eco-friendly transport within the city – thus potentially helping to reduce the negative impacts of traffic on the environment and human health.

A very interesting short film has been produced as part of the campaign, telling the story of two Ostrava actors’ very unusual race through the city centre. One chose an electric car, and the other chose to travel by bike, on foot, and by public transport. The starting point was the city hall, and the finish line was in Lower Vítkovice. You can watch the film and see the adventures they had along the route – just go to the City’s Facebook profile or the official YouTube channel “Ostrava Město”.

The basic plot had to fit into a single day of filming, and everything was shot in real time so that the race would be believable. The editing and post-production took ten times longer than the filming itself! Nobody was hurt during the filming – except perhaps the ego of Robin Ferro, who finished in second place… His rival Albert Čuba was driving an electric car for the first time, and the director Jan Rušaj has started using public transport a lot more, because the film convinced him of its advantages.

The public information campaign is co-financed by the Czech Republic’s State Fund for the Environment on the basis of a decision by the Minister of the Environment.