The čistáOVA app has been helping the city for a year

Let´s care about the city of Ostrava! Together!
28. May 2019

Last May, Ostrava launched the web application čistáOVA. It allows people to report defects and shortcomings anywhere in the city via PC, tablet or mobile… Read »

City will make the Ostravice footpath wheelchair-accessible

The right bank of the Ostravice River is gradually turning into a pleasant and cultivated place.
20. May 2019

The footpath above the river by the Miloš Sýkora Bridge will now become accessible for wheelchairs. The city will also build a viewing platform and… Read »

The IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre is celebrating a great international success

The LEXIS project at the National Supercomputing Centre will contribute to research of climate change, earthquakes and tsunamis
15. May 2019

A research team lead by Jan Martinovič has launched work on a major new project called LEXIS. The project is divided into three separate pilot… Read »

Science Faculty research project explores ways of revitalizing Ostrava’s slag-heaps

New research project of the University of Ostrava
14. May 2019

Biologists and geomorphologists from the Science Faculty at the University of Ostrava are launching a unique new research project focusing on Ostrava’s slag-heaps – the… Read »

This year’s ‘Green Light for Poruba’ participative budget has been launched

This year’s ‘Green Light for Poruba’ participative budget has been launched
13. May 2019

The 2019 system brings several changes, including an increase in the overall budget and the division into two separate categories. The Municipal District of Poruba… Read »

New art will enliven public spaces

9. May 2019

Public spaces in Ostrava will be enlivened by new art installations during the course of this year. Ten projects funded via the City’s public space… Read »

New OZO on-line shop

Since April 2019, Ostrava citizens can order some of the paid OZO services via a new on-line shop
30. April 2019

OZO Ostrava, city waste management company, has recently launched an electronic system for ordering selected services for citizens. This way, people can order the delivery… Read »

Another rare baby animal in Zoo Ostrava

A blue-eyed black lemur baby
28. April 2019

For three consecutive years, a female Blue-eyed black lemur has given birth to a youngling in Zoo Ostrava. She successfully raised her babies born in… Read »

Experiment with meadow grass lawns

Experiment with meadow grass lawns
26. April 2019

This year, the central city district is trying a new way of maintaining green areas in selected locations, especially in parks. The resulting meadow grass… Read »

Bikesharing has already been started

Blue bikes in Ostrava
15. April 2019

The bicycle sharing system, a popular way of getting around the city, has already been started today.  This year in Ostrava with a new supplier Nextbike Czech… Read »